My Story of Judicial Corruption

Judicial Corruption


After a Hazardous material spill in my apartment building, the property manager, Klatt, pocketed the insurance paid HAZMAT money in the name of incapacitated elder owners, poisoning tenants and the landlady. After contractors lied about the presence of hazards 4 times, and a city violation, I sued to force the abatement of lead and asbestos. Crooked judges participate in the lucrative scheme against big insurance, so have destroyed my life and reputation!

Woman? Minority? = SCREWED


Over 300 pages of my evidence, proving hazardous conditions, were excluded by Judge Ronald Prager, who abused hearsay rules to kick it out. He then stated that since I had "no evidence" I was a "vexatious litigant,"  a frivolous filer. This slanderous label has prevented me from obtaining justice of any kind, ever since, even though Klatt's felon agent threatened to kill me, has stalked me relentlessly, and tried to run me over twice.

This could happen to you!


People tire of this story, as some deem it to be my "personal problem" but this corruption affects the 99%. It seems no one cares if your kid is poisoned, if you are almost murdered, or about anything that does not directly affect them, however, injustice anywhere breeds injustice everywhere. Even if you have 50K for a lawyer, they will not help you, once the word is out that you're blackballed. 

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