Jeffrey B. Barton


"You can't prove anything"

After Jeffrey barton said i couldn't prove anything, I submitted proof of all the debauchery I have suffered at the hands of crony judges and their support of known crooks, including my attempted murderer, to Jeffery Barton, Presiding Justice of the Superior Court. He summarily dismissed my complaints.

Fleeing the Christmas party at the Law Library

After my complaints and copious evidence of judicial misconduct were dismissed and ignored, Judge Barton showed up at the Law Library Christmas party feigning interest in justice for the general public, I guess for the free food. He saw me and immediately exited the event. News flash: The Law Library is designed to serve those who cannot afford lawyers and represent themselves, people he clearly does not care about! People like me, and YOU! Judges are to rule on the basis of all matters without using information gleaned from outside the four corners of the courtroom. In reality, there is bias, and most cases are decided before they are heard depending on who you know. SAD. My life has been destroyed by these 200K+ per year "public servants" who abuse hearsay rules, deprive people of court reporters, tamper with transcripts, violate the doctrine of judicial estoppel, purposely misread code, exclude all evidence and dispense illogical and  unlawful rulings. I hope this never happens to you!

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