Katherine A. Bacal


Defendant was suicidal, so you have no cause of action!

I was in a horrific car wreck wherein my friend turned suddenly off the freeway, and since he forgot to wear a seatbelt had broken his neck on the windshield. He was dying in front of us as we tried in vain to keep him alive with CPR before EMS arrived. I had extreme pain in my chest from the seatbelt, necessitating 2 months on morphine, permanent shoulder and neck injuries, a popping jaw, and PTSD.

When I had a lawyer, I had a cause of action

Once the attorney on the prior eviction case got wind of my car accident, he filed a lien on my case. I told my lawyer I would NEVER pay him, as he actively tried expose my daughter to hazardous materials and is a heinous liar. When I filed a motion to exempt my case from lien, (because my lawyer just wanted to pay him and refused to file the motion) judge Taylor said since I was a "vexatious litigant" I was barred from filing the motion for exemption, even though injury case proceeds are legally exempt from judgment. Then my lawyer, knowing the fix was in against my case, due to Taylor illegally barring my motion, quit the case!

Yet Another Violation of the Doctrine of Judicial Estoppel

The defense stated my friend had a heart attack, collapsed, and the car veered off the road by itself. They even went so far as to blur and excessively lighten the windshield of the car in photoshop, eliminating the blood and cracking where his head struck the windshield, so they could pretend he had collapsed and claim "unforeseeable accident" instead of negligence. BTW Insurance companies should not have an Art department. At trial the medical expert agreed with me, that my friend drove off the road while having a heart attack at some point, and that he would have lived had he worn a seatbelt, since he broke his neck and that was his cause of death. I am due funds for my injuries due to negligence and vehicle code violations -driving off the freeway, failing to wear a seatbelt -negligently injuring and inflicting emotional distress on us. The judge suddenly declares my friend suicidal, letting his insurance company off the hook, misreading vehicle code to mislead me, and makes a cockmamy analogy between a shotgun suicide case and this incident to deprive me of damages. No medical expert declared my friend suicidal, which is what is necessary to arrive at that conclusion in a court. I lose yet again!


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