Laura J. Birkmeyer


"Don't incriminate yourself!"

After the illegal eviction, Klatt's deranged Vietnam vet felon, Steven Bert Franke, who used to say he wanted to kill "every Oriental" he sees, is aggravated that I have given Joe and Andy such "a hard time" and threatens to kill me, prompting the issuance of a restraining order. 2.5 years later, he lain in wait inches from my car to strike me with it if I got out. Instead I called 911 and he engaged me and my daughter in a car chase. Laura Birkmeyer urges him to not incriminate himself. He lodges maps, as evidence indicating he was inches from my car and menaced me with his car, circling around me, in contempt of restraining order. His defense is "I am a jungle combat trained specialist and could kill her any time I want." He then lies saying he is a decorated veteran (verified a lie by stolen valour). The judge lets him go, even though a death threat and taking a deliberate step to cause death, which includes laying in wait, is "Attempted Murder"

He admits he got inches from me, in contempt of restraining order, but is let go

When we have to leave the hearing ,the judge lets the felon proceed first, keeping me back. I protest for my safety outside the courtroom, and she sneers at me. So, now I know my murder is sanctioned by the court. I am utterly on my own with a deranged person on the loose who may kill me at any time, and it is OK if he does. 

Victim Assistance calls to advise me to move away

The DA's office urges me to move away because the felon who tried to run me over is so dangerous. My question is, if he is so dangerous, why not lock him up for attempted murder? The DA claims she does not have any third party witnesses to the incident (my daughter walked onto the scene after he drove away from laying in wait). I ask if the assistance program will pay for my move. No. If they can arrest him. No. Then I ask how are they are assisting me. The answer was that he is dangerous, so I need to leave town. NONSENSICAL. Why should I have to move when I am a victim of a violent felon who belongs in a cage? I told her unless she can contain him, she was of no assistance and hung up. Just a ploy to get rid of me because the antics in the courts are so THEM! They think if I move I will somehow forget what they have done. NEVER.

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