Lisa C. Schall


"You have a vivid imagination"

In light of the attempt on my life I try to renew the restraining order about 6 months after the incident ( they expire every three years) and am turned down, mocked, and accused of threatening the judge such that the bailiff approaches me with handcuffs!

"Put it away! Put it away! Put it away!"

I measured the roadway, my car and positions of cars when Franke lain in wait to strike me with his car, had I exited my car- drawing a to scale diagram on a huge poster board. Franke was trying to explain himself pointing at a different map that lacked detail he needed. I flipped to the precise drawing, showing him laying in wait inches from my car and the judge shouts "Put it away! Put it Away! Put it Away!" Once again, my evidence is so good, it must be suppressed.

Franke reads my e-mail where in I tell him if the court won't protect me, I will protect myself

It says something like I will defend myself if the court won't protect me, warning him to stay away from me. The judge laughs and tells me I have a vivid imagination. I tell her she will be reading about an incident in the newspaper if she does not renew the restraining order. She then accuses me of threatening her and calls the bailiff to handcuff ME! I tell him to get away from me, that I said nothing wrong and did not threaten anyone. For some reason he leaves me alone, but my restraining order expires unrenewed after an Attempt on my life. WTF!?

What's next!?!!

By merely moving the court to clear hazardous materials, I am railroaded into vexatious litigant orders, threatened with a tazer, threatened with death, stalked, almost run over TWICE, and falsely accused of threatening a judge,,,The money from the skimming scheme must be pretty good to have engaged all these judges, causing them to continuously act out illegally! what's next? I should have NEVER asked!

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