Ronald S. Prager


You Don't Have Any Evidence!

I lodged 300 pages of business record evidence proving dangerous contaminations, plus a City Violation for excessive lead. All was excluded via Prager's abuse of hearsay rules. Prager then declared since I had "no evidence" I was a frivolous filer - a "Vexatious Litigant" even though he created the conditions to satisfy the prejudicial statute to destroy my reputation, in order to profit from the insurance skimming scheme against State Farm, using incapacitated elders as pawns to profit by poisoning their building!

Incompetence and Transcript Tampering

Prager, age 65 complained of memory problems, accused me of shortening time on a motion when HE did it, and opened proceedings saying " Why are we here today?" laughing, even though the case was to prevent people from being poisoned by hazardous materials. After unjustly declaring me a "Vexatious Litigant", he stated he had "never done one of these before." The transcript later read "I've done many of these before." to cover his ass for entrapping me into conditions to satisfy criteria for the vex orders, by his excluding all my evidence.

Colluded with Timothy Taylor at a Yacht Party!

I googled Judge Prager's and Judge Taylor's names and discovered they were at a yacht party on the same day Prager declared me a "Vexatious Litigant." This is when "the fix was in" - that Taylor would continue the corrupt conduct against me, as judge in the subsequent eviction, to allow the lucrative insurance skimming scheme to continue,  poisoning for profit in the premises. Usually cases are placed "on the wheel" to select a judge at random, but at the last minute, the department judge in the eviction case told me I was assigned to a superior court department, where Taylor was the judge, and at that time, I had no knowledge that he and Prager had a tete a tete on a Yacht! Tough life!

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